MED health & technologies

MED Health & Technologies designs and creates complex and ready-to-go solutions for hospitals, general and specialist medical clinics in Italy and abroad. Some of our clients are: Fincantieri, University Hospital of Padua, University Hospital “Maggiore della Carità” of Novara, Figlie di San Camillo private hospital (Rome), Villa Maria Group (Ravenna), Quisisana (Ferrara), Asl 4 Abruzzo, University Clinic of Sassari and Asl 5 La Spezia.

MED Health & Technologies also operates in complex industrial plants, alongside partners such as Siemens and Schneider.
MED Health & Technologies is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and has a SOA Certificate that allows to participate to public tenders.   


Health tech

MED Health & Technologies specializes in the design, construction and commissioning of hospital departments and interventional systems with integrated diagnostics. We serve different hospital departments: traditional, hybrid and digital operating rooms, delivery rooms, ICUs and neonatal intensive care units.  We provide the equipment for more technical and diagnostic departments such as diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology units, sterilization rooms, dialysis and rehabilitation centers.

MED hospital departments are designed to meet customer needs:

from operational systems to the activation of diagnostic equipment down to the integration of data storage systems, management and department interaction. We control the entire process thanks to the harmonization of different skills,  achieving the integration of different systems and interventions with an operational solution, which is delivered to the customer in a Plug & Play mode.

MED equipment meets the most advanced functional requirements and all sector certifications, even when it is built in a transportable modular mode, according to the MORe technology: Modular Operating Room experience.

MED Health Technologies is a trusted partner of Fincantieri and of various cruise companies for the design and construction of specialist on-board hospital units for ships. MED has also designed and built integrated medical systems for the Italian Navy from 2005 to the present.

We have also equipped 50 square meters hospital areas for the 10 frigates of the European FREMM program, the hospital areas of the Cavour aircraft carrier; the medical units of the Amerigo Vespucci ship; the medical care units on board (700 square meters) of the Navy’s LSS (Logistic Support Ship) which occupy two decks and are equipped with surgical rooms, emergency treatment and burn unit.

intensive care and resuscitation, radiology and analysis, dental practice, gynaecology and the hospitalization areas are able to receive up to 8 critically ill patients, 8 urgent treatments and 8 intensive care patients.
Finally, MED has furnished on board medical-nursing areas for Costa Crociere, Carnival and MSC Cruises

Modular tech

MORe– Modular Operating Room experience – is an innovative technology developed by MED Health & Technologies to set up specialized units and transportable operating theater sets, with simplified procurement procedures.

MORe departments are built following user experience design principles, focusing on operational needs, simplifying and optimizing doctors’ and staff’ s work.  

The MORe System allows the setup of specialist hospital departments in a very short period of time, using the procurement formula for the supply of goods, instead of contracting works.

Thanks to this, the contracting authority only needs to show performance specifications, reducing both the tender and planning/implementation times. This also means having only one person of reference from the beginning to the end of the process.
Operationally, MORe structures are built and tested at the MED headquarters before the final installation. Once the test is completed, departments are dismantled, transferred to the destination site, reassembled, tested in-house and made operational in a Plug & Play mode. This mode makes it possible to reduce construction times, minimizing the impact on ordinary operations, thanks to the absence of construction works and the simplicity of the connections with the existing buildings.

Plants tech

Thanks to many years of experience designing high-tech hospital departments, MED Health & Technologies has developed a specific competence in integrated industrial plant engineering, which is now managed by the MED PLANTS division. MED PLANTS is the ideal partner for contractors in the various sectors for the design and installation of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and technical gas systems in different industrial sectors.

These include video surveillance systems, IT security and data protection systems, airport terminal security systems, telephony systems, security, alarms and electronic key management systems in the hotel industry.

Antiseismic design

All specialist healthcare facilities created by MED Health & Technologies with the MORe transportability system – Modular Operating Room experience – can be integrated with anti-seismic systems, which allow medical operations to be carried out even in critical circumstances or in case of earthquakes. Our seismic energy absorption system is developed by THK, a Japanese multinational company specialised in the construction of seismic isolation systems and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. MED includes seismic isolation as a project prerequisite and, once it starts, it’s THK itself that carries on all the testing and guarantees the homologation.  



MORe – modular operating room experience

MORe is the innovative technology developed by MED Health & Technologies to create specialized departments and transportable operating theatres, with simplified tender procedures.


Quicker procurement procedures


Public institutions can contract the construction of MED modular hospital wards simply by providing performance specifications

MED is at the University Hospital of Padua


The MED Neonatal Pathology and Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital of Padua can accommodate up to 20 small patients

MED Hospital on the Cavour aircraft carrier


MED created with Fincantieri the Italian Navy’s
aircraft carrier hospital area